Monday, February 17, 2014

The Journal of Mariam's Eyes

This is the journal of Mariam's eyes.

My name is Frederic Lecut, and I am a mosaic artist. My workshop is located behind my house in Headland, a small town of Southern Alabama. I share the house with my dog Mugen, my lazy cat Pomponette, and my daughter's cat Zoya. Behind the shop live a few chickens, and you will probably hear from them along this blog.

My good friend Marie - who lives in Londinieres, France - commissioned a mosaic from me. We live one ocean apart but I still wanted her to be able to witness the birth of her mosaic, Mariam's eyes. And this is what this blog is about...

The inspiration behind Mariam's eyes

Mariam is the Arabic name of Marie, the mother of Jesus. The mosaic being of a veiled woman, I thought this name would be perfect for it.