Monday, April 21, 2014

Le 21 Avril 2014

I decided to concentrate on Mariam's Eyes only. I need to complete the laying of the tesserae as soon as possible to get her framed and take her to France in June !

Her twin sister will have to wait.

I completed last week the vertical part of the blue veil, and this morning I finished the bottom Red Veil.
We now have at least 20 different types of materials used on this piece ! Glasses, Mirrors, Stones...

To take these pictures, I sprayed the mosaic with water. Doing so better shows the colors of the finished piece. 

Tomorrow I will complete the irises of the eyes and get back to working on the top blue veil. 

I believe she will look gorgeous ! 

Mariam's Eyes mosaic is a commission to be delivered in June, but I am also working on her twin sister, which should be available in July 2014. 

If you are interested by this piece, or by a different mosaic, or simply would like to discuss mosaics, their techniques and history,  please contact me by phone at (334) 798 1639, or by email at

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