Thursday, May 1, 2014

Le 1er Mai, Fete du Muguet.

Today is May Day, French tradition is to offer a sprig of Lilly of the Valley to the woman  (women ?) you love... 

Yesterday I completed Mariam's eyes - Well, I lied... I simply completed the laying of the tesserae, it is far from finished, as I have still to flip her, grout her, frame her...

But, from the stone cutter standpoint, it is a done deal...

Here is a reminder of the different phases of the work...

The beginning...

Mariam's Eyes, Le 7 Mars 2014

First tesserae laid - Border, and sandy background.

Mariam's eyes, le 19 Mars 2014

More Sand, and started the red veil

Mariam's Eyes, le 29 Mars 2014
Completed the Sand, and started the Blue Veils

Mariam's Eyes, le 15 Avril 2014

Completed the Red Veil

Mariam's Eyes, le 21 Avril 2014
And the Blue Veils...

Mariam's Eyes, le 26 Avril 2014

Finally, all the tesserae laid

Mariam's Eyes, le 30 Avril 2014

Today, Mariam has been pre grouted, 

Mariam's eyes, le 1er Mai 2014.

And is ready to receive its support...

If you are interested in my work, please contact me by email at, or by phone at (334) 798 1639.

You can also

A bientot ...

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